Public consultation responses & analysis

The responses submitted to our public consultation on the draft ‘Principles and Purposes of Sentencing’ guideline have now been published. Along with the responses is an analysis identifying the key findings from the consultation exercise.

We received 60 responses from a range of individuals and organisations during the three month consultation, which closed on 27 October 2017.  We have now published the responses from the organisations, along with those from individuals who gave their consent for this. An analysis, conducted independently by the Research Shop, examines each of the questions posed by the consultation and summarises the key points and themes.

Of the total responses received, 35 were from individuals and 25 from organisations.

The findings from the consultation exercise are now informing our ongoing work in finalising the ‘Principles and Purposes of Sentencing’ guideline. We intend to publish a response to the consultation exercise in due course, setting out our views and likely next steps.

You can view the published responses in full on the consultation page.

The consultation responses and independent analysis may not reflect the views of the Council. The Council will publish a response to the consultation in due course.