Stage 6 - Submitting the guideline for approval

Our guidelines only take effect if they have been approved by the High Court

We will submit the guideline and impact assessment to the High Court for approval. We will also give the High Court any other information we think will assist it in considering the guideline.

When the High Court receives an application for a guideline to be approved, a date will be fixed for the Court to make its decision known. The Court can approve a guideline in full, approve it with changes, or reject it.

The Court can ask us for further information before making its decision. The Court may decide not to approve a guideline in full, in which case it must tell us, and give us an opportunity to respond.

If the Court approves a guideline, it will also specify the date from which judges must have regard to it (that is, when it is to come into force).

After a guideline has been approved, we must publish it, and the impact assessment, as soon as possible.


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