Sentencing videos - Find out what happened to Jack

Watch our video about the court case of Jack, who assaulted a nightclub steward, and then decide what sentence you would give - if you were the judge. Our series also includes videos for: victims of crime; offenders & their families; and easy listen & watch.

Sentencing Videos

Sentencing Information

Read more about the law on sentencing; what factors judges take into account when deciding sentences; what sentences are available in Scotland; and how Community Payback Orders and prison terms operate.


How does sentencing work?

Use our interactive scenario to follow the court case of Paul. You decide what happens next and choose what sentence you would give Paul - if you were the Sheriff.


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Council Minutes

The Minutes from the Council’s recent meeting, held at Parliament House, are now available.

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Scottish Sentencing Council Annual Report 16-17


Annual Report

The Council’s second Annual Report is now available.

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Have your say on draft guideline for sentencing offenders

Have your say in the development of Scotland’s first sentencing guideline which will influence the way offenders are sentenced in our courts.

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Council Meeting Dates


The Council meeting dates in 2017 are:


6 March

6 June

22 September

11 December

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