Appeals Against Sentence - solemn

The opinions listed on this page have been made under section 118(7) of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995

Each link below will take you to an introductory summary of the listed case. From there, you can access a further link to the complete opinion for a fuller understanding of the case.  



Du Plooy v HM Advocate

This gives guidance on the appropriate level of sentence discounts in cases where the accused has pled guilty.


Lin v HM Advocate

This addresses sentencing levels for those involved in a minor way with large scale drug operations.


Spence v HM Advocate 

This discusses whether it is ever appropriate to discount a sentence in a situation where an accused’s offer to plead guilty to a lesser offence has not been accepted by the Crown, but where the accused is ultimately convicted of that less serious offence. 


HM Advocate v Boyle and others

This deals with the punishment parts of sentences in murder cases. 


HM Advocate v Graham

This considers offences relating to indecent images of children.