Council Minutes

The Minutes from the Council’s recent meeting, held at Parliament House, are now available.

At the meeting, members discussed the ongoing work programme on sentencing guidelines; engagement with justice partners and the work of the communications and research committees.

The Council’s public consultation on the Principles and Purposes of Sentencing guideline finishes on 27 October and there is still time to take part. Click here.

Summary Sheriff Andrew McIntyre was appointed as an additional member of the Communications Committee to assist with its work programme. The Committee is to create a ‘myth busting’ web page to clarify some of the common misconceptions surrounding sentencing. It will also continue to develop interactive court case scenarios to add to the Council’s educational resources. Topic suggestions for both the myth buster and case scenarios are welcome and should be emailed to

The Research Committee presented interim findings of research on the public perception of youth offending.

The full Minutes of the meeting are available on our website.